Girls Can

Starfish Media Group is partnering with COVERGIRL to produce a series of documentaries profiling young women who are overcoming challenges to realize their full potential and fulfill their dreams.

Dreams matter

In 2014, Starfish Media Group partnered with American Family Insurance to produce #DreamsMatter, a digitally-distributed documentary series featuring four of AFI's Brand Ambassadors. Host Soledad O'Brien interviews Russell Wilson, Kathy Ireland, Eunique Jones, and Phillip Phillips along with their friends, family, and inner circles to get to the heart of why they believe #DreamsMatter. The series provides a look inside the lives of these inspirational achievers as they continue to live and expand their dreams. 


In 2014, Soledad O’Brien traveled to Haiti with AARP to document the relief efforts following the devastating earthquake that leveled the country in 2010. What she found was an overwhelming need for assistance. The number of dead approached 300,000, with another 1 million displaced. An estimated 200,000 older Haitians were living on the street. O’Brien and Starfish Media Group documented AARP’s partnership with HelpAge International to put people on the ground, provide doctors with critical medical supplies, and recruit volunteers who helped coordinate feeding, provide care, and establish shelters.